June 07, 2015

Elizabeth Holmes Created a Futuristic Health Test Lab

A super impressive woman, running a large scale enterprise, solving a major problem: the cost, accuracy and complexity of health test lab testing (blood, urine, etc).


July 03, 2014

@Google Trend: Programming Languages vs @WordPress

Google Trends is a fascinaing way to look at what people are searching for. You can analyze multiple search terms by locale or worldwide. I wondered whether software is becoming a commodity and whether programming langauges are still in favour. What I found surprised me. It appears that most languages even the most popular ones like PHP are on the decline. While platforms like Wordpress are on a steep increase. Will we build solutions online from software stacks like Wordpress? Or is this a momentary blip?



And of course WordPress is eating Joomla's and Drupal's lunch. Several years ago (ca 2012) when Joomla 3.0 came out, instead of increasing, Joomla started declining rapidly in interest, while Drupal seems relatively stable. This is dominance and clearly shows Wordpress taking away mindshare and interest from the other 2 leading open source CMS systems.

May 04, 2013

Google Glass Must Have a Line of Symmetry

We are used to symmetry - 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 eyes, 1 nose with 2 nostrils. This is how we are designed. Google Glass decides to take an asymmetrical approach and that may be the biggest reason why people won't go ahead and plunk down ever a few hundreds bucks for this desigh.

The reason is simple: If you wear glasses you wear them usually in a design with both lenses with the same material.

image from www.headofrothchild.comUnless you want to be funny, wear a costume, go to a masquerade!

image from img.costumecraze.comGoogle Glass has more one one side than the other, so while not quite as whacky as the pair of glasses above, it still looks strange.

image from readwrite.com
Even this, although bulky would look better. A nice top border and you're getting there, although still not quite there. Why not hire Luxottica to help you out, Google?

Google glass symmetrical


March 29, 2013

DRIVER.CAB and Windows XP 32-bit driver archive

Have you gotten stuck installing a piece of software or a hardware driver with a dialog box looking for "some files"?

It looks like this:

image from lh5.ggpht.com
What is most likely is that Windows XP did not install this driver on your computer and another installation requires it. If you have Windows XP (32-bit version), download this archive in .RAR format.

Download Driver.cab in RAR format

Just download the file, uncompress it with WinRAR into a folder and point the installation dialog box to get the file from this folder. Voila, problem solved.

March 03, 2013

Pictures from the life of a software developer

Have you ever found yourself feeling like this?

When a friend of mine asks me to fix his website built with Joomla

image from www.topito.com

There are hundreds of these funny GIFs here and here which are understandbable by software developers, although maybe if you google the context enough, the average person will find funny as well.