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December 14, 2011

Isaacson on Jobs Biography on Tech Crunch

Who was Steve Jobs, really?


December 08, 2011

RFID Sleeves for your Credit Cards and Passports

Those chip enabled bank and credit cards are not secure. And our Canadian 2012 issued passports and US passports? Also unsecure. This is worse than before when you needed physical contact -- now you can read cards wirelessly. 16x9 reports.


This company offers sleeve protection. Identity Stronghold says that if banks admit and sell these sleeves, that they'd be admitting guilt. And right they are -- better get em while you can in US. In Canada you can get them here.

March 13, 2011

Family from Japan Stay in Canada?








状況が改善されるまでの数か月間、被害に遭われたご家族にカナダでの住まいを無償で提供することにしました。私たちはトロント郊外の街に住む4人家族で、家には十分なスペースがあります。もし興味がおありの方は遠慮なくご一報ください。また、興味があると思われるご家族をご存知でしたらぜひ紹介してください。トロントはたくさんの日系人や日本人 (その他アジア人) が住む国際都市で、とても暮らしやすい場所です。ぜひ私たちに協力させてください。




アレックス・シロタ ([email protected], skype:asirota)

オンタリオ州ソーンヒル (カナダ)


PS. メールは日本語でも受け付けていますのでご安心ください (Google 翻訳を使用します)。



Hello Japan!

The citizens of Canada are astounded by the awesome natural disaster that has struck your beautiful country. Things will be back to normal sometime soon. On our television, radio and electronic media we see, hear and read about older people and children sitting in shelters in cities like Sendai and many others. This makes our hearts and minds ache -- we cannot imagine how hard it is for you in this time.

We want to help -- directly.

We are looking to host a family in need in Toronto, Canada while the situation in Japan improves. If you are a family or know a family that can use some time to recover in Canada, please let us know. We will be happy to host you, at no cost, for several months. We are a family of 4 with plenty of space in our house in the northern suburbs of Toronto. We have many people of Japanese descent (and other Asian countries) in Toronto.

We want to help.  Let me know if you are interested via email or skype (asirota).

Alex Sirota

Alla Gubenko

Aaron Sirota

Liana Gubenko Sirota

Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

ps. We will use Google Translate to translate your emails into English. So don't worry!

June 08, 2009

NewPath is on Twitter @newpathnetwork

The NewPath Network is now on Twitter - look for us @newpathnetwork